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Skeptics Guide To A Zero Waste Period – Plastic Free-ish Challenge #12

I left this one for last deliberately because I was very skeptical of the period cups I had heard so much about. Honestly, I was kind of scared of them. It’s a long post because it was the most asked about challenge for the whole year so I’ve tried to cover as much information as possible. Here’s my skeptic’s guide…

Using A Cling Wrap Alternative – Plastic Free-ish Challenge #11

To be honest, I didn’t use a lot of cling wrap to begin with so this swap was a fairly easy one. Since starting the plastic free-ish challenge, I have built habits of putting food in containers or Stasher Bags more than wrapping them, and it has reduced a lot of my cling wrap use. Still, I wanted to have…

eco friendly toilet paper

Eco Friendly Toilet Paper – Plastic Free-ish Challenge #10

I can’t believe we are up to number 10 of the plastic free-ish challenge for the year! This month I’m recapping my challenge to swap to an eco friendly toilet paper. It didn’t go exactly as I had originally planned, but as with many of the other swaps, I was able to improvise and find other solutions.

Low Waste And Zero Waste Toiletries – Plastic Free-ish Challenge #9

欢迎回到我的塑料免费挑战的另一集!在今天的帖子中,我将回顾我9月份的目标,即尽可能地减少和零浪费洗漱用品。I’m sharing the swaps that went well, the swaps that didn’t (I’m still working on some), and tips for making your own plastic-free or low waste swaps in the bathroom…

ziplock bag alternative

Ziplock Bag Alternative – Plastic Free-Ish Challenge #6

Ciao! I’m back again with another plastic free-ish update. This month I’m recapping June where I gave up single-use plastic ziplock bags. Well, mostly because there’s one situation you’ll read about where I have a firm stance on using the single-use plastic ziplock bags for now. Here’s my look at the single-use plastic ziplock bag alternative I chose, as well…

Collapsible Straw Review – Plastic Free-ish Challenge Swap #5

Want to know something crazy? I had been using reusable straws at home for a few years as a way to use less plastic. But I hadn’t really considered using one for when I am out and about. I was still using and throwing away the single-use plastic ones. Partly, it seems like there was almost a disconnect in the…

reusable bags review

Reusable Bags Review – Plastic Free-ish Challenge Swap #3

Here we are again with another update on the plastic free-ish challenge for 2019. Today I’m sharing a reusable bags review. By now, we kind of all know that plastic bags are bad for the environment and most of us probably also have a couple of reusable bags of our own. I was in that boat as well but I…