Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw

Why The Polish Vodka Museum In Warsaw Is A Must See

If you're planning a trip to Warsaw, you're going to want to add this unique museum to your itinerary. A whole museum for vodka might sound like a booze fest for functioning alcoholics, but it's actually a fascinating museum that shares the history of Polish vodka through interactive exhibits and tours. And, of course, there's a tasting session and cocktail bar there too. Here's a guide with everything you need to know to help you plan a visit to the Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw.

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Tips For Solo Female Travel In Poland And How To Plan A Visit

Poland is a great destination for solo female travelers, especially if you are new to solo travel. It's easy to get around, fairly low risk for crime, most people speak English, and the food is amazing. I've already posted city guides for Kraków and Warsaw with more details on sightseeing and where to stay, and in today's post, I'm sharing a guide on solo female travel in Poland with planning tips to help you prepare for your visit.

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How to spend 2 days in Warsaw

2 Days In Warsaw - Here's Everything You Need To Know To Plan A Visit

If you don't already have Poland on your list of places to visit in Europe, you should. It's great for solo travelers, especially beginner solo travelers it's also budget-friendly, has amazing food, and there's a lot to see and do. Here's my guide on how to spend 2 days in Warsaw with loads of tips to help you plan an awesome visit. If you have more time to spend there, you could use this as a starter guide and/or extend it to spend more time in each place. But, if you only have two days, then this will help you see as much as possible while you're there.

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3 Days In Krakow - What To See, Do, And Eat For An Awesome Visit

如果你计划参观克拉科夫,让我为你免去一些计划过程中的工作。以下是我的指南,教你如何在克拉科夫度过3天,了解如何计划一次精彩的旅行所需的一切。It's full of recommendations on where to stay, things to see and do, and the delicious food you don't want to miss.

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How to get to Auschwitz from Krakow

How To Get To Auschwitz From Krakow And What To Expect There

If you've been planning a visit to Poland for longer than five seconds, you've probably already realized that Auschwitz is one of the most popular places to visit there. It is huge and over a million people a year visit to pay respect. In today's post, I'm sharing a guide to help you plan your visit with options on how to get to Auschwitz from Krakow, what to expect, and tips for the do's and don'ts.

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