outdoor swimming near Vicenza

Outdoor Swimming Near Vicenza - 8 Awesome Day Trip Ideas

When the weather starts heating up, it's time to cool off in refreshing nature pools and stop for a gelato afterward, right? One thing I love about Vicenza is that you have a lot of scenic places with clear, refreshing water right in your backyard. Here's my guide on places to go outdoor swimming near Vicenza where you can find all the coolest (literally) nature pools and waterfalls.

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Spa hotels near Vicenza

Treat Yo'Self - 5 Awesome Luxury Spa Hotels Near Vicenza

One of the things on my bucket list while living in Vicenza was to have an epic treat yo'self staycation. It presented a problem though because I kind of had this staycation on a pedestal. I knew it was going to be on the pricey side so I wanted to make sure I got value for my money and I wanted it to be an epic experience. The pressure to find the perfect one was sky-high. After a lot of research, here's what I had it narrowed down to. I didn't stay at all of these but wanted to share my top 5 list in case the one I stayed at isn't available when you visit or you'd prefer one of the others. Here are 5 awesome spa hotels near Vicenza to help you narrow down the choices.

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tips for visiting the Amalfi Coast

10 Tips For Visiting The Amalfi Coast And What To Expect There

It's one of the most popular destinations in Italy. And, while I think it's generally pretty overrated, I think it's absolutely worth visiting to see for yourself, swim at the beaches, eat all the seafood pasta, and buy everything with a lemon print. Today I'm sharing my top 10 tips for visiting the Amalfi Coast so you know what to expect and how to prepare for your vacation.

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Is A Private Boat Tour Of Capri Worth It When Visiting The Amalfi Coast?

Look, between the hiked up prices, crowds, and commercialized beaches, I'll be the first to admit that I think the Amalfi Coast is one of the more overrated places in Italy. In saying that, it's definitely worth a visit and also well worth visiting the nearby island of Capri. For me, I knew I didn't want to spend the day walking around the island in the heat of the day so I looked into boat tours. Today I want to share my experience and answers to whether a private boat tour of Capri is worth it or not.

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Things to do near Rufina

Things To Do Near Rufina When You Spend A Weekend In Tuscany

Are you dreaming of a weekend in the rolling hills of Tuscany? It's really easy to make that dream happen if you're based in Vicenza because it's just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Perfect for a weekend or long weekend away. While I was looking over some of my posts, I realized I had never created a guide on some of the fun things to do. So, here's a guide with some things to do near Rufina when you spend a weekend in Tuscany. These are perfect for when you stay at my favorite agriturismo. Of course, the details are included and the hosts are super knowledgable on the area, so they'll be able to suggest even more ideas.

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Easy hikes near Vicenza

14 Easy Hikes Near Vicenza - Kid And Dog Friendly Day Trips


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How To Hike To Brent De L'Art - The Grand Canyon Of Italy

Coming to you today with another easy day trip idea. I like that it's something a little different to add variety to your adventures - not that mountains ever get old, but it's fun to keep things different and throw in a gorge every now and then, right? This one's got an easy hike, water to cool off in, and a pretty neat gorge to see. I read that it was called the Grand Canyon of Italy and, while I feel like that's overstating it a bit, it's still a beautiful place to visit. Here's a practical guide on how to hike to Brent De L'Art in Belluno, Italy.

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how to get to Elefanti Beach

A Real Talk Guide On How To Get To Elefanti Beach In Sardinia

Today's guide is a slightly lesser-known Sardinian adventure. It's a small, private beach where you can see a unique treat from nature. Here's my guide on how to get to Elefanti Beach with everything you need to know to plan your adventure. I've also added my other Sardinia travel guides at the end, so you're all set to plan your trip!

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Your Complete Guide On How To Spend A Weekend In Northern Sardinia


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Here's How To Hike To Cala Napoletana In Sardinia

I've got another awesome beach in Sardinia for you today. It's got gorgeous baby blue water, a fun hike to get there, and that 'out in the wild' feeling. I mean that in the sense that it's not an overly commercialized beach with restaurants and beach umbrellas to rent. It's just a beach on a beautiful island. Here's a guide on how to hike to Cala Napoletana with options for two different trails to get there. One is straightforward and easy, and one is a little more adventurous so there's something for everyone.

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Places to swim at Lago di Garda

Here Are My Favorite Places To Swim At Lago Di Garda

Need a place to go swimming but want something a little prettier than the Venice beaches? Here's a guide to some of my favorite places to swim at Lago di Garda. These are all based on being easy day trips from Vicenza, so they're focused on the eastern half of the lake. If you just want to get away from Vicenza for some sunshine and swimming, these are great options but of course if you want to drive a little further you could also drive to the other side of the lake.

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How to get to Cala Coticcio

A Detailed Guide On How To Get To Cala Coticcio In Sardinia, Italy

Do you like electric blue water and a little adventure? Well you're going to love this one. Here's my guide on how to get to Cala Coticcio in Sardinia. I went here with my husband on our family holiday this year and just loved it. It's a little rugged and involves a hike to get there, but this guide will have you prepared to make the whole adventure run smoothly.

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Cascate Del Silan Hike - A Complete Guide For Silan Falls In Vicenza

If you're sweltering in the summer heat, maybe a waterfall adventure is on the cards. The Cascate del Silan hike is a nearby one that's a perfect spot to cool off while still getting out and about. Here's a full hiking guide with everything you need to know to plan your day out.

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Tre cime hike

What You Need To Know For The Tre Cime Hike And Caves

It's iconic, super photogenic, and makes for an awesome outdoor adventure in northern Italy. Here's a guide for the Tre Cime hike with everything you need to know to plan your hiking adventure. I've added a bunch of tips for doing the hike, visiting the caves, and added links to more hikes in the area so you'll be all set for a fun outing.

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Olive oil factory in Italy

What To Expect While Touring A Local Olive Oil Factory In Italy

Welcome back to another episode of places to visit while you're in Italy. This one is an interesting one because I have used the products but never actually got my butt over to the factory to take a tour. Finally, last week, I ventured out on a little solo outing and I can't believe I didn't go sooner. Here's my guide on how to take a tour of an olive oil factory in Italy and what to expect when you're there.

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Agriturismo in Saturnia

Don't Miss This Dreamy Agriturismo In Saturnia, Tuscany

I don't know if it's the sunshine and blue skies, or the insanely gorgeous views, or maybe the wine, but there's something rejuvenating about a trip to Tuscany. Luckily for us, it's only not too far away and makes for a great 4-day weekend getaway. I just got back from another family weekend there to explore a new area of the region and I'm excited to share this dreamy agriturismo in Saturnia with you. Here's all the information you need to plan your own visit and, as always, if you have any questions just let me know.

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Saturnia hot springs in Tuscany

All The Details About How To Visit The Saturnia Hot Springs In Tuscany


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The best limoncello in Italy

Where To Find The Best Limoncello In Italy (And Tasting Tour Info)

What do we do when life throws us lemons? Make limoncello, right? Seems legit. In today's post, I'm happy to be able to share a fantastic local business where you can find the best limoncello in Italy. I'm talking high quality, pure limoncello from a family run business where you can also take a tasting tour and learn about the entire process. Here's all the information you need to book your visit which, in my opinion, is a must-do while you're living in Vicenza.

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Sanctuary Of Madonna Della Corona

How To Visit The Sanctuary Of Madonna Della Corona In Verona


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How to hike Cima Portule

A Detailed Guide On How To Hike Cima Portule In Asiago

Mountain hike - check. Awesome views - check. Full-day adventure - check. Mountain cows - check. This hike has got it all. Here's a detailed guide on how to hike Cima Portule in Asiago with everything you need to know to plan your adventure. It's a popular hike that makes for a great day trip when you just want to get away from it all and climb a mountain. Everyone has those days, right?

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Sentiero Monte Cengio

How To Hike The Sentiero Monte Cengio In Asiago, Vicenza

A mountain hike, epic cliff views, WWI trenches, and tunnels - the Sentiero Monte Cengio has everything. It's a little tricky to write about because there are so many hikes in the area, options on how to get to the top of the mountain, and detours along the way. Much more than what I've listed in this guide. It's my intention to give you a few options, and then you at least have an idea of what to expect and a couple of ways of doing the hike but just know there is more out there.

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Sentiero del Forte

How To Hike The Sentiero Del Forte Hike In Enego, Vicenza

When you stand on the Normandy beaches nowadays, it's hard to imagine a war going on somewhere that's seemingly so peaceful. Similarly, when you're in the gorgeous mountains of northern Italy, it's difficult to imagine a war going on there. It is, however, a historic part of the world where you can mix hiking and visiting old WWI sites. Here's a guide to the Sentiero del Forte hike, or the 'Path of the Fort' in English, to help you plan your hiking day out.

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4444 Steps In Asiago

Calà Del Sasso - How To Hike The 4444 Steps In Asiago

No Stairmaster? No problem! If you're looking for a thigh-burning outdoor workout, this post is for you. Today I'm sharing a guide for hiking the historic 4444 steps in Asiago. That's right, four thousand steps. It's a great option for when you want to push yourself but also spend some time in nature and enjoy the gorgeous mountains in Vicenza.

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Ponte Avis hiking trail

A Complete Guide To The Ponte Avis Hiking Trail And Suspension Bridge

One of the cool things about living in Vicenza is the opportunity to hike in epic outdoor locations that are right in our backyard, and today's post is all about one of them. Here's a complete guide to the Ponte Avis hiking trail so that you'll be prepared for your outdoor adventure. It's an easy trail with a pretty epic suspension bridge that makes for something different to the usual hikes. I'm especially excited to be bringing you this one because it's been the first one since restrictions eased and I was so happy to be outdoors again. Hopefully, I'll have even more for you soon!

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A Big List Of Things To Do In Vicenza And Surrounding Areas

It's almost time to move again and I'm feeling a bit reflective. So, today I'm sharing a big guide on things to do in Vicenza and the surrounding areas. You might remember I posted a guide to public transport friendly day trips from Vicenza, which is mostly places to visit when you first arrive and are settling in and waiting for your car to arrive. Today's post is filled with more options for easy day trips when you have your car and want to get out and explore your new home. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list because there is so much to do here, but if you're new or looking for things to do, I hope it can give you some ideas to get started on your adventures. I've also added a printable list version for your fridge to help you organize your bucket list.

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Croce di Lumignano

A Complete Guide For The Croce Di Lumignano Hike in Vicenza

现在是2020BL年(封锁之前),随着旅行限制的实施,我决定在当地探索一些徒步旅行。这只持续了一次徒步旅行,因为第二天全国范围内的封锁开始了。所以我非常感激我的领队可可·香奈儿和我能去参加这次郊游。这里有一个关于如何在维琴察的Croce di Lumignano步道徒步的指南,当你想要保持距离,但仍然出去进行一次积极的冒险时,这是一个很棒的步道。我希望在一切恢复正常后,我能有更多的当地郊游与你分享。

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Palazzino Fraccaroli

Palazzino Fraccaroli - Exploring The Spooky Castle Of Spirits

Looking for an easy day trip this weekend? Palazzino Fraccaroli, or the Castle of Spirits, is a unique spot that makes for a nice outing on its own, or can easily be combined with other adventures in the area. It's also a great location for photos that are different from the usual vineyard or city backdrop. Here's a guide with what you need to know about planning a visit.

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My Favorite Local Businesses In Vicenza That Will Make Your Life Better


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A Practical Guide On How To Hike The 52 Tunnels Trail In Italy

It's a popular hike and, when you see the views after you get above the clouds, it's easy to see why. Here's my guide on how to hike the 52 Tunnels trail in Italy to prepare you for the trail (and the leg workout that comes with it.)

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Cinque Terre Itinerary And How To Plan A Weekend Visit


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Tramonti Di Sopra Nature Pool - The Off The Beaten Path Swimming Oasis

2020年3月更新。白云石一直在向我证明,不管你去了多少次,总有一个新的地方可以探索。几个星期前,我带着午餐去了tronti di Sopra自然泳池,这真是一次棒极了的一日游。它有点远离人迹罕至的道路,所以是一个安静祥和的地方,那里的水非常漂亮。在今天的帖子中,我将分享一份如何实现这一目标的指南,以及你需要计划一个有趣的外出一天的所有技巧。

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How To Hike To Lago Di Sorapis - Detailed Guide And Tips


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PCS To Italy - Here's A Chunky Guide Of What To Expect


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attending a Krampus parade

Krampus Parade In Italy - Should You Go & Is He A Cotton-Headed Ninny-Muggins?


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11 Underrated European Destinations That Need To Be On Your Radar

UPDATED FEB 2020. Planning a trip to Europe can be overwhelming. There are just so many countries to visit - sometimes it can feel like 'where do I even start?' We all know the heavy hitters like Venice, Paris, and London and, while they are all certainly worth a visit, there are also some lesser-known places that are worth adding to your itinerary if your schedule allows. Today I'm sharing 11 of my favorite underrated European destinations. At these destinations, you can avoid the tourist crowds, save a little money and still have memorable travel experiences. I've also added the links to my blog posts for each if you'd like more information or tips for a place.

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Dolomites Day Trips

Hikes In The Dolomites - 17 Day Trips You Don't Want To Miss


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guided tour of the Colosseum

Maximize Your Visit With This Guided Tour Of The Colosseum In Rome

2020年3月更新。大多数时候,人们都叫我凯蒂。但在一月的一个阳光明媚的日子里,我只是被称为角斗士!Ok, ok, I'll admit that maybe that was only in my head and maybe I've seen the movieGladiatorone too many times. Anyway, I had wanted to visit the Colosseum since I saw that movie. It was high on my bucket list and it's actually a little surprising that I have lived in Italy for a year and a half and still not seen it. I decided it was finally time to make it happen, so I took a day trip to Rome and joined a guided tour of the Colosseum with Walks of Italy. Here's how it went.

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stay in Milan with a Duomo view

Stay In Milan With A Duomo View (Without Spending A Fortune)

2020年3月更新。我们都知道米兰。它是意大利最具标志性的城市之一。我敢肯定,专门来这座城市观看WWE摔跤比赛的人并不多见,但这正是我最近计划来这里的原因。WWE was coming to town and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go and see the show -I'm the girl who went to WrestleMania alone after all! While I was doing an accommodation search I assumed there would be no way I could afford to stay anywhere nice and/or close to the Duomo. I figured that would only be for those super glamorous fashion bloggers or people with a lot of money. I'm really happy to share that it is 100% possible to find a place to stay in Milan with a Duomo view and not spend a fortune and I am revealing all the details here today.

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living in Italy changed my life

Reflecting On The 7 Different Ways Living In Italy Changed My Life


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Pros And Cons Of Living In Italy: The Good, The Bad & The Great

2020年3月更新。真不敢相信,一年前我在檀香山机场登上飞机,漂洋过海。我丈夫在我们来到这里后不久就离开了——这似乎是我的行动和军人生活方式的模式。我还记得坐在空荡荡的公寓里那种孤独的感觉。我没钱,没车,没工作,没朋友,现在也没人可以聊天了。老实说,我想知道自己到底卷入了什么事情。虽然我在这里的大部分时间都是一个人,但第一年发生了很多事情。I survived my first winter after always living in hot climates, I stumbled through communicating with a language barrier, I visited too many lakes and cities to count, and I atesome有很多世界上最美味的意大利面。以下是我一年来在意大利生活的利弊。

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cooking class in Umbria

Don't Miss This Amazing Italian Cooking Class In Umbria


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Everything You Need To Know About Visiting The EPIC Torrente Canali


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A Complete Visitor Guide For LAGO DI CAREZZA In Italy


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7 Easy Day Trips From Vicenza Using Public Transport


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Everything You Need To Know About Hiking LAGO DI SENAIGA In Italy


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A Complete Guide On How To Hike Lago Di Corlo And Plan A Visit

2020年3月更新。Lago Di Corlo宏伟的背景会让你受到启发,感觉自己很渺小。坐落在郁郁葱葱的山脉之间,大湖渗出宁静使它成为放松和享受与朋友野餐的完美地方。我们参观的那天是周末,我们看到很多人带着他们的宠物分散在草地上,一起在阳光下野餐。让我们来看看Lago di Corlo,帮助你计划自己的冒险日。

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Where To Stay In Tuscany (To Live Your Under The Tuscan Sun Dreams)

2020年3月更新。当我说“托斯卡纳”时,你会想到什么?对我来说,一切都是关于起伏的山丘,无尽的葡萄园,绵延的乡村风景,美味的食物,更好的酒,和向日葵田。I had never been to Tuscany before so this imagery had made its way into my mind through movies likeUnder The Tuscan Sun和旅行的照片。有时候,你在脑海中建立起来的目的地并没有达到你的期望,但我很高兴地说,托斯卡纳没有让你失望。我发现农场住宿是一个很大的原因。在今天的这篇文章中,我将与大家分享在托斯卡纳应该住在哪里。我希望它能帮助你计划你的旅行。

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There's A Gnome Village In Asiago, Italy - Here's How To Plan Your Visit


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living in Vicenza

Living In Vicenza, Italy - Here Are My First Impressions


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overseas pcs

PCS From Hawaii To Italy - The Katie Show Blog Has Moved

2020年3月更新。早上好朋友!You may have seen onInstagramthis week that The Katie Show Blog has now moved. What? Moved? Yes, that's right. I have just completed an overseas PCS from Hawaii to Italy. Here's an update on what's happened over the last few weeks and what to expect in the future.

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