11 Underrated European Destinations That Need To Be On Your Radar

UPDATED FEB 2020. Planning a trip to Europe can be overwhelming. There are just so many countries to visit - sometimes it can feel like 'where do I even start?' We all know the heavy hitters like Venice, Paris, and London and, while they are all certainly worth a visit, there are also some lesser-known places that are worth adding to your itinerary if your schedule allows. Today I'm sharing 11 of my favorite underrated European destinations. At these destinations, you can avoid the tourist crowds, save a little money and still have memorable travel experiences. I've also added the links to my blog posts for each if you'd like more information or tips for a place.

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2 Days In Tallinn - How To Spend A Weekend In Estonia's Capital

UPDATED FEB 2020. Have you ever thought about visiting Tallinn, Estonia? To be quite honest, I hadn't thought of it at all. It was a place that I knew existed, but that's as far as my thought process on Estonia had gone. Then the opportunity for a weekend away in Tallinn came knocking at my door and I thought 'well, why not?' It turned out to be an awesome place to visit and I'm happy to share it with you. Here's my weekend planning guide for 2 days in Tallinn to help you plan your own trip.

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