Sri Lanka

Solo Female Travel In Sri Lanka - How To Plan A Refreshing Wellness Trip

UPDATED MAR 2020. Sri Lanka is a fantastic destination for a wellness trip to refresh and recharge. I recently visited for a yoga retreat and it was just incredible. Today, I am sharing a planning guide to help you plan your own trip. I should note that I've written this as a guide for solo female travel in Sri Lanka, but most of the advice is helpful for anyone planning a trip. Let's get into it.

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Wildlife Safari In Sri Lanka - Where To Go And Photos To Inspire You

UPDATED MAR 2020. Firstly, if you're thinking that this post is an excuse for me to share a bunch of animal pictures, then you're 100% right. Today I'm sharing a guide on how to go on a wildlife safari in Sri Lanka with tips on where to go, how to prepare for it, and what to expect. If you are visiting Sri Lanka, I highly recommend adding it to your itinerary because it is a memorable and magical experience to see animals in the wild.

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Where To Go For A Yoga Retreat In Sri Lanka - This Eco-Luxe Resort Is Amazing

UPDATED MAR 2020. When your appliances don't work, what do you do? You unplug them, give them a break, and plug them back in right? It's simple but it works like a treat and it gives the appliance a new spark of life. With our fast-paced lives, I think it's only fair that we give ourselves the same treatment. Today I'm sharing the perfect place to do just that. Here's a fantastic destination for a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka, or even just a wellness vacation to refresh and recharge.

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Yoga Retreat For Beginners - Is It Worth It If You Can't Touch Your Toes?

UPDATED MAR 2020. I'm about as flexible as a frozen corpse. As embarrassing as it is, I can't touch my toes. Still, decided to go on a yoga retreat. I was scared though. I don't do classes, I don't wear Lululemon, and I certainly didn't know my happy baby from a half lotus. What the hell was I thinking? Is that a bit crazy? Maybe. But it turned out to be a great idea and also one of those times where I end up grateful that I have these crazy ideas. I'm sharing my experience today with this guide to a yoga retreat for beginners.

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