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what to wear in conservative countries

What To Wear In Conservative Countries If You Are A Female Traveler

UPDATED FEB 2020. When you travel to a conservative country, it’s important to take a few more considerations when it comes to what you wear. It’s a way to show respect for the culture you are visiting as well as limit negative attention. In my experience, if you make an effort to show respect, you are likely to have a…

must do in Cappadocia

Green Tour In Cappadocia And Other Unmissable Things To See And Do

UPDATED FEB 2020. As amazing as the hot air balloons are, Cappadocia has a lot more to offer. Today I’m coming to your computer or phone screen with a look at the green tour in Cappadocia, the red tour, and a bunch of other things to see and do. These things made my trip as memorable as it was. I’ve…

Cappadocia travel tips

Cappadocia Travel Tips And A Real Talk Travel Planning Guide

UPDATED FEB 2020. Put your hand up if you want to plan a holiday to Cappadocia but don’t know where to start? I see you. It can be overwhelming so let me, your trusty (& goofy) travel blogger, take the stress out of trip planning for you. Phew, you can breathe a sigh of relief now! In today’s post, I…

solo female travel in Cappadocia

Solo Female Travel In Cappadocia – Is It Safe And Should You Go?

UPDATED FEB 2020. It’s understandable that planning a visit to Turkey might come with some uncertainty about safety. We are going to delve into it today, specifically solo female travel in Cappadocia. Whether you’ve got no friends, your friends can’t travel with you, or you just like to travel alone, I’ve got all the safety tips to set you up…