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How To Plan A Trip To The Maldives If You’re Not Mega Rich

UPDATED FEB 2020. Just saying ‘the Maldives’ conjures up images of cocktails served in pineapples, turquoise ocean water, and palm trees swaying in a tropical breeze. It’s no surprise that it is a dream destination for many of us, though, it’s generally one of those dream destinations that seems unattainable. Like one of those places that only Beyonce goes to.…

Where To Stay In The Maldives For An Authentic Diving Experience

UPDATED FEB 2020. We all know the Maldives as one of the world’s most ultimate luxurious travel destinations. But, as you peek behind the curtain of water villas and extravagant resorts, there is a side to this island paradise rarely seen in the travel magazines and, in my opinion, no trip to the Maldives is complete without experiencing it. Luckily…