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Things To Do In Lauterbrunnen And How To Plan A Weekend Visit

UPDATED MAR 2020. Lauterbrunnen, or the valley of 72 waterfalls, is an incredible place to visit if you are looking for a Swiss getaway surrounded by picturesque nature. There’s so much on offer that it has something for everyone. You could plan an adventure-filled active getaway just as easily as you could plan a quiet, pampering trip. Here’s my guide…

How to see the Matterhorn

How To See The Matterhorn In Switzerland If You’re On A Budget

UPDATED MAR 2020. I don’t usually do budget guides, because I wouldn’t say that I’m a budget traveler. I’m more of a budget live-er and then I like to put more money into my travels. My visit to see the Matterhorn though was a very spontaneous one, booked only a couple of days beforehand, and as such needed to be a…

The Descent Of The Alpine Cows Festival – A Weekend In Blatten

UPDATED MAR 2020. Cows in flower crowns – what more do you need? The Descent of the Alpine Cows is a traditional and completely adorable festival not to be missed. I recently planned a last-minute visit to the town of Blatten in Switzerland to see the festival for myself and it did not disappoint. The weekend away basically involved the…

Lucerne to Mt Titlis

How To Get From Lucerne To Mt Titlis And Pilatus – A Detailed Guide

UPDATED JUN 2022. Lucerne is unique because it where you can blend a cityscape with outdoor adventure. During the day you can take a cable car to the top of the Swiss Alps and explore the most epic, out of this world scenery. Then, in the evening, you can stroll through one of the most charming cities and sit down…

Where To Stay In Lucerne For A Luxury Solo Female Travel Getaway

UPDATED MAR 2020. Lucerne is a fantastic destination for a beginner solo traveler and a great place to treat yourself. I know that so many are looking for ways to travel cheaper, but I think it’s important to experience a little of everything from guesthouses and hostels to luxury hotels. Here’s my guide on where to stay in Lucerne I…

Solo Female Travel In Lucerne And How To Spend A Weekend There

UPDATED MAR 2020. Lucerne is a great destination for a beginner solo traveler. It’s clean, easy to get around, English is commonly spoken, and there is a lot to do. Did I mention it’s also GORGEOUS!! Here’s my guide on solo female travel in Lucerne with everything you need to know to plan your trip.