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How To Spend A Weekend In London And Make The Most Of It

UPDATED FEB 2020. London has it all. Not only does it have the easy to love three P’s – palaces, pasties, and parks, but it also has museums, lots of fun touristy sights, multicultural cuisines, and convenient public transport. It’s a great destination for anyone whether you are traveling alone, with friends or enjoying a family getaway. If you’re pinched…

Where to stay in Bath England

Where To Stay In Bath England – Don’t Miss These Chic Apartments

UPDATED FEB 2020. Picking accommodation can be hard right? It’s a tough decision to make when you’re trying to decide where to spend your precious, tourist dollars because making the wrong choice can really tarnish a holiday. I know this from experience! This is exactly why I feel grateful to be able to share places that I love with you.…

How To Spend A Weekend In Bath As A Solo Female Traveler

UPDATED FEB 2020. If you on have a couple of days spare for a weekend away, then this one is for you. Today I’m sharing a guide on how to spend a weekend in Bath with a bunch of fun things to do. Everything on the list is foot-friendly so you can walk to all of these if you are…